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Charles Pefinis

My home town is Atlanta, GA. I have a BS degree in Industrial Management from Georgia Tech.

I owned National Business and Security Systems, Inc until 1992 when it was acquired by another company. It marketed and serviced office automation equipment .

In 1978 we started ‘Premium’ Office Products, Inc. marketing office supplies and furniture. My wife was the CEO. This was acquired by a large office supply company in 2006.

I write books. One is “The Cerebral Salesman or How to outthink your competition and have a few laughs doing it.”. The other is, “How We Won the War, …or Ya Gotta be Kiddin’ Ya Got Away with That?!” See:

I am Greek Orthodox and have served for a total 22 years on the
parish council in three different cities where we lived. I am writing a book on immigrant experiences. See:

In WWII, I served as a combat infantryman in George Patton's 3rd Army, 87th Division in Belgium and Germany.

Now retired, I volunteer at local VA hospitals, am a member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Thank you for viewing our web site on Unclaimed Funds. My hobby is writing, so I invite you to offer submissions to these two sites: and .

Sandra Pefinis

Sandra M. Pefinis was a native Floridian born and reared on Davis Islands, in Tampa. She attended Emory University graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and taught school for a few years.

In 1978 she started ‘Premium’ Office Products as a division of her husband’s company NBSS (National Business and Security Systems, Inc.)  It was incorporated in 1984. In 1986 it ‘Premium’ was the first office supply company certified as a women owned and operated office supply company with a minority status in Maryland.







Sandra Pefinis with Mayor Schmoke 
awarding her a certificate of excellence.
(Sadly, Sandra died on August 17th, 2012, 
of breast cancer.)

‘Premium’ was cited several times by the State and the City as an outstanding company. It was acquired by a large office supply company in 2006. 

Sandra’s prime interest was her grandchildren. She was a skilled artist and a terrific cook.

Sandra was very proud of leading an effort to hire the handicapped and quite elderly persons by small companies, of which ‘Premium’ employed several full time.

FYI, we are a retired couple working out of our home. Our plan in the future, is to “hire” handicapped persons to work with us as a team as this effort progresses. This will allow them to earn an additional amount of income. They all have much time on their hands, many are bored, all are eager for us to make this a reality for them. (FYI.We employed handicapped persons at both of our companies, full time.)


When our office supply company, 'Premium' Office Products, Inc. was absorbed a few years ago, by a giant in the field, I looked to retrieve monies we put down as deposits for various services used by our company many years before. After a while, I gave up, no luck whatsoever. So I went to our States office of the Comptroller on my computer and found these funds . . .very easily.

While speaking about this episode at our "Golden Agers" meeting one Sunday after Church, one of the members rued the fact that she could not find an account that she knew her husband had just opened at some bank in Baltimore County. He died unexpectedly a couple of days later. In the turmoil that followed, all records of the account were missing.

So back to my computer I went armed with what few facts she gave me plus hers and her late husband's Social Security numbers. It turned out that the "bank" was not a bank but it was a small savings and loan company that was one of several that a larger firm had acquired. Her money was sitting there dormant after many years drawing no interest and NO ONE had attempted to locate him or her.

This NO ONE etc. , is not at all uncommon. But just think for a moment, by law, the holder of these funds could not keep them. They were sent to the State's repository where they sat for all these years. I got the money for her, a little over $3000.00. (As to our company, because it ceased to exist one day, the utilities and phones were off. A person calling to inform us of our money found no one to talk to, no answer. It had no interest to track us down. It readily sent it to the State. Case closed.)

In the process, I learned that this was not unique to Maryland; all the States had the same situation PLUS the US Government. There was and ARE billions of dollars just sitting there drawing no interest in dollars and no interest at all from the repository to locate the owner.

At our two small firms, since absorbed, we employed one man in his 90's, two men and one woman in their eighties. Also, as full time employees, two men and one woman who were legally blind and one man as a technician, who had malformed hands. All were great and loyal employees.

That was the seed of the idea. What a great way to have the disabled sit at home behind a computer and find missing money for all types of people around the country.

We began it more than five years ago. Our success was abysmal. People were impossible to find and when we did they did not believe us. "No way. This is a damn scam! You think I don't know what money is of mine out there?!" was typical.

I then went to my home State, Georgia, and to wife's, Florida, did the same thing and found a whole bunch of our friends listed. They all were stunned and happy to find their money. Several sent me a portion to help get my project going to "employ" some disabled persons. That is how it began!

On the following pages you see pictured some of them and some from people I did not know, but that our "crew" found to allow them to get their money.

Thanks for reading this. Good luck! I hope we find your money and or at least, direct you to where you can look yourself.

Charles G. Pefinis
Managing Member



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